the actions after mobile’s robbery or being lost

If you apply TALIYA SIM card in your mobile and it was lost or being robbed, don’t worry! We will help you to minimize its monetary and legal consequences.

         First, dial your number because you may be lucky and someone has found it and answered you. But if there is nobody to answer you, inform the central office of TALIYA sales and services or call them quickly and burn your SIM card so that if he/ she wants to commit a crime possibly, you can minimize your legal responsibility by doing that.

         If you also use TALIYA SIM cards or other mobile network operators and your mobile has been robbed or lost, you can refer to the nearest police station or judicial center with your ID documents such as the SIM card owner’s national card or identity document as well as the mobile box. In this case, the police station or judicial center will issue a letter for all the operators and ask them to trace the mobile with your IMEI so that the thief can be traced and followed in the network of operators as turning on the mobile.    

         After giving the letter of judicial center to the TALIYA central office, TALIYA operator will survey its own network for a determined period and will announce you its results.

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