About Taliya

    “TALIYA” word originates from another name of Prophet Khidr who was a prophet contemporary to Moses. One of his miracles is that as he sits on any dry land, it turns into a green one and it is the reason for his name, Khidr (green). The TALIYA Communication Development Company, as the first independent pre-paid mobile network in Iran, established in 1383 by using Siemens, Alcatel and Ericsson’s software and hardware facilities and by counseling one of the best counsellors in the world.    

    TALIYA started with prefix 0932 firstly and now it is continuing with the same one. This network has started its activity from Khordad 3 in Tehran formally and then, has presented its services to other cities and seat of provinces slowly. Now, TALIYA, after years with a lot of ups and downs and after transforming its ownership, tries to survive good memories among people and they can enjoy using its services. Roaming of TALIYA has been established since Azar, 1394 all over the country. It has provided G 4.5 services for its subscribers since Bahman, 1397 and they could benefit the G 4.5 SIM Card services.

TALIYA subscribers can substitute their old SIM Cards with the TALIYA SIM cards specialized in 4th generation.      

    Another service of TALIYA is to present organizational SIM cards and applicable packages for big organizations based on their needs.

We emphasized 5 base letters: T A L YI A (TALIYA) from the beginning to now in order to realize customer orientation and revere the TALIYA subscribers:

T: Tariffs of conversations fairly

A: Standard telecommunication network

L: Smile at life

Yi: Assist the customers eagerly

A: practical respect to customers  


Contact With Taliya

Postal Code: 1514814111, Building No. 18, Sixteenth street, Bucharest Avenue (Ahmad Qusayr), Argentin Square, Tehran

Phone: 999 (Taliya lines)

09329990000 (Other lines)


public relations: info@taliya.ir

Affairs affairs: cc@taliya.ir

Sale: sales@taliya.ir

Regulatory and Radiocommunication Organization