Guidance and common questions

How can we contact with TALIYA subscriber services for receiving call services?

Contact with the subscriber service center (at 999 freely through TALIYA lines and at 09329990000 through other lines)

What is the prefix number for TALIYA?

The prefix number for TALIYA is 0932 for all SIM cards.

How many characters can we send in a short message?

The maximum characters in a short message is 164 for English SMSs and 70 for Persian ones.


How can we purchase TALIYA SIM cards?

Applicants can refer to the TALIYA sales and service offices; register and receive TALIYA credit SIM card(s) after presenting the necessary documents.


How old must the applicants be to register and receive TALIYA SIM Cards?

Applicants must be 18 or over.

How is the method for activating TALIYA SIM Cards?

After registration (the applicant’s sign on the printable document of TALIYA SIM card), the TALIYA credit SIM card will be activated by the relevant office through the portal. Then, by establishing the first contact with TALIYA SIM card, it will be possible to receive contacts in the network for the TALIYA credit SIM card, too.


What documents are required for purchasing the SIM cards?

It’s necessary to present the original proof of authenticity (national card or new ID with national code as well as its copy), the presence of the SIM card buyer or his/her legal lawyer as registration and receiving SIM card in the TALIYA sales and service office.


How many SIM cards can an applicant purchase?

Based on the Regulatory and Radio communication Organization, any applicant can purchase maximum 9 SIM cards.


If the applicant isn’t at the specified address as delivering his/ her order by the post office, how is the method for receiving the SIM card package by the subscriber?

If the applicant isn’t present after 3 times of referring the post officer, the SIM card will be maintained in the post office related to that area for a month and non-referring in this period will cause that the subscriber has to call the TALIYA subscriber service in order to get his/ her SIM card.      


How to transfer the ownership of TALIYA SIM card to other people?

The TALIYA subscribers can transfer their own SIM cards’ ownership to others in TALIYA sales and service offices if they’d like. After doing this, the ownership of transferor will be cancelled and the transferee will be known as the new owner of TALIYA SIM card.


What are the documents and requirements for transferring the ownership of SIM card?

*Simultaneous attendance of both transferor and transferee or their legal lawyers.

*Original national cards of both parties and/or their legal lawyers

*Original power of attorney sealed by notary office (if transferring the ownership through legal lawyer)


How is the method to change a damaged, burnt or lost SIM card?

If it’s necessary to change SIM card, the original owner must refer to a TALIYA sales and service offices with his/her original ID card. Changing a foreigner’s SIM card will be done only by his/her original passport or original resident card.


How to activate TALIYA internet G 4.5?  

Please, refer to the page of TALIYA USIM SIM card.


How to be informed about the remaining credit of TALIYA SIM card? 

The subscribers can dial *140# to know the remaining amount of their credit in SIM card.


How to purchase or increase the credit of TALIYA SIM card?

You can purchase a TALIYA Charge from the ATMs of banks: (Melli, Mellat, Parsian, Pasargad, Saman), POSs or dial *500#. It’s also possible to purchase a charge card from TALIYA sales and service offices.


Is it possible to purchase a legal/ organizational SIM card?

Yes. Please, refer to the page “Organizational SIM cards” for being informed about the facilities of organizational/ legal SIM cards and dial the TALIYA call center at 999 by TALIYA lines or 09329990000 through other lines in order to contract.

What’s the number of TALIYA SMS center?

Its number is 0098930900004.


How is the method to set up the TALIYA SIM card SMS center?

All the TALIYA SIM cards have been set up automatically and there’s no need to set them up again. But if necessary, the instruction of setting up the TALIYA SIM card Message Center is as follows. First, enter the Menu in your phone and select the Message option. Hereinafter, select the Message Setting and enter the set up option i.e. Profile. Then, by selecting the section “Message Center Number” enter 00989320900004 and finally save it.  

Contact With Taliya

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