Overall coverage of Taliya network

According to the structural changes in strategic goals and TALIYA senior managers’ will, the company has succeeded to complete the overall coverage of its network all over the country in order to present better services to its subscribers. So, in order to activate connecting to the network, it’s necessary to enter your mobile setting menu and through mobile network search, disable the Automatic search and enable Manual search. After searching the network, you must select one of these options (TALIYA-TCT) or (43211) manually to use TALIYA services.

Contact With Taliya

Postal Code: 1514814111, Building No. 18, Sixteenth street, Bucharest Avenue (Ahmad Qusayr), Argentin Square, Tehran

Phone: 999 (Taliya lines)

09329990000 (Other lines)


public relations: info@taliya.ir

Affairs affairs: cc@taliya.ir

Sale: sales@taliya.ir

Regulatory and Radiocommunication Organization