Free substitution scheme for the 2nd generation SIM cards and upgrading to USIM

         As TALIYA has succeeded in upgrading its service network to G LTE 4.5, the ex-generation SIM cards must be substituted in order to apply these services, so the customers can replace and upgrade their own SIM cards to USIM as follows. It’s worthwhile to say that substituting the old SIM cards have no charges for the customers.
●Contact The TALIYA center at 999 through TALIYA lines and at 09329990000 through other lines.
●In-person attendance at a TALIYA subscriber services
●Sending postal code through TALIYA lines at 50005

Guides for purchasing TALIYA charge

Contact With Taliya

Postal Code: 1514814111, Building No. 18, Sixteenth street, Bucharest Avenue (Ahmad Qusayr), Argentin Square, Tehran

Phone: 999 (Taliya lines)

09329990000 (Other lines)


public relations: info@taliya.ir

Affairs affairs: cc@taliya.ir

Sale: sales@taliya.ir

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