Face-to-Face Services

The owners of SIM cards reaching legal age (and their custodian in the case they are minors) can received services in all Taliya Stores and Taliya Services Centers (Government Counter Offices) by submitting their National Card and the ownership document of the SIM card or the deed of conveyance.

A List of Face-to-Face Services:
1) Registering for and obtaining Taliya SIM card,
2) Changing damages, burnt, lost or stolen Taliya SIM cards,
3) Transferring the ownership of Taliya SIM cards,
4) Services to manipulated Taliya SIM cards,
5) Registering for MMS,
6) Activating and disactivating Taliya SIM card,
7) Applying for a print of communications,
8) Address change,
9) Buying Taliya charge