Registering for and obtaining organizational SIM cards

Mobile extension is one of the first and most important services rendered to reputable organizations and companies such as Iran Khodro, ISACO etc.; amongst the benefits of the system, one can refer to better organization of internal and external communications network, cost reduction, promotion of organizational communications, acceleration of access to personnel and access to a private short message (to organizations) and much more.
In this plan, some Taliya SIM cards in a given range are sold to the applying organization while the name of Taliya and the organization are jointly inscribed on the cell phone screen, and this can function as an advertisement for the organization. The organization using local Taliya network can establish a mutual communication with their SIM cards by installing the necessary hardware and software.
Companies, organizations and enterprise can obtain more information about Taliya organizational SIM cards by sending their request to the Sales Department of Taliya at sales@taliya.