Buying Taliya Electronic Charge

The respected Taliya subscribers may buy Taliya credit charges via ATM, POS and websites of the banks as follows:
ATM of the following banks:
- Parsian,
- Pasargad,
- Mellat,
- Maskan

POS of the following banks: - Parsian
- Pasargad
- Mellat
- Maskan
- Keshavarzi
- Saderat
- Sina
- Refah
- Sepah
- Shahr
- Industry and Mines
- Gardeshgari (Tourism)
- Tejarat

Website of the Banks
- Mellat
- Parsian
- Pasargad


An Instruction for Subscribers with Inactivated SIM cards

Dear Taliya subscribers,
Having regard to large acceptance of new SIM cards, Taliya Communications Development Company, operator of Taliya mobile phone network intends to identify inactivated SIM cards that are off for more than 12 months and transfer it to other applicants.
Therefore the subscribers wishing to use their SIM cards have to activate their SIM cards by increasing credit charge and making calls till 10.03.2013.
To honor your collaboration, Taliya will express its thanks and gratitude to all ever-collaborative friends. For more information, please contact us at 999 via Taliya cards or 09329990000 via other lines


Introducing Authorized Taliya Support and Sales Centers

The loyal and new customers of Taliya,
With a view to changes to sales and after-sales services offices of the company, please refer to the off-the-shelf services offices list .


Updating Taliya Network in North and West Tehran

The respected customers of Taliya may face some service disorders from 24:00 to 01:00 on 16.01.2013 to 17.01.2013. We express our sincere thanks for staying with us so we can make necessary changes to Taliya network; we express our gratitude to your patience.


Arbaeen Draw Results

The result of Arbaeen draw is announced and some 100 persons providing the correct answer will receive Rls. 200,000 charge. The questions and correct answers are as follows:

1) How was the first pilgrimage of Emam Hossein Shrine?
A) Jaber Enb Abdollah Ansari
B) Abdolrahman Ebne Abdollah

To view a list of winners, please click here .


A feature report from attendance of Taliya in Telecom2012
It was over our expectations to see so many friends in Taliya booth in the Thirteenth Iran Telecom Exhibition. We heard you and we will closely meet many of you. We hope you have experienced a good day with us in the exhibition, and we would have been able to add a line to your memories from Taliya. For more information about the exhibition, please refer to Telecom2012 Exhibition .

Participation in the Thirteenth IranTelecom Exhibition
We are impatiently waiting to see the respected subscribers and supporter of Taliya. International Exhibition of Tehran, Hall 6, Taliya Booth 14 to 17 November.