Taliya electronic vouchers are available through ATMs, POSes, and Banks' official websites.

Taliya subscribers, please use only the new Taliya vouchers to top up your account. Other forms of Taliya voucher cards with the old logo are no longer valid.

In the Corporate Mobile plan, SIM cards will be delivered with the corporate's desired numbers and the name of the company and Taliya will be shown together on the mobile screen.

Online Charge Purchase

Please choose of the following options for online charge card:


Subcontractor Summoning Recognition Announcement , Hereby, all Iranian and Foreign companies which have enough experience in Supply, Design Possibility and Execution of 4G (LTE) Mobile Network through 2G, are invited to send their profile and proposal to bellow address within 30 days: No.18 , 16th Western Alley, Bokharest St. , Argentina Sq. , Taliya Company. – 2014/06/01