Seventh International Brand Conference

Iran Mobile Congress
New and portable means of communications play a fundamental role in downsizing the world and facilitating and accelerating communications. These technologies are used by more and more people since they do not depend on any given location despite other digital technologies. As a result, they have more impact on social life, lifestyle and consumer behavior. Mobile communications are the most important personal technologies creating privacy on one hand and giving meaning to the social relation of the individuals within personal networks. Therefore, mobile technologies are both personal and social; and provide a significant capacity and opportunity for both individualism and socialism.
The ever-increasing capacity of mobile technologies is geared toward a path that turns the communicative industry into a high-capacity industry as regards users. The intense desire of the youth to use modern communicative tools signifies a great wave of demands for participation in information society, and has increased the social communications of the users.
To fulfill its mission on informing the society about new technologies, the Center for Technology Studies of Sharif University of Technology intends to hold Iran Mobile Congress annually after successful hosting of the Second Value Added Services of Mobile of Iran and the First Festival of Mobile Innovations last year aimed at benefiting from this capacity and responding to some part of the large communications society. We hope we are able to provide the ground for exchange of knowledge and expertise of information and communications technology as well as publicizing the new technologies and services to the public with the help of the Almighty.