Seventh International Brand Conference

Making brand and brand management are the missing links for acceptance of the excellence of Iranian products in the international competition market. Brand is the secret to retention of producers and craftsmen in the competition era. Today, goods do not compete based on performance, quality and price only; in fact the identity and personality of a brand determines market sales. It is quite significant to determine and establish the concept of brand having regard to the significance of brand management in industry, domestic production, and state objectives in supporting domestic production, and Iranian labor and capital. In this line, six international brand conferences have dealt with the analysis of issues associated with brand and branding by now. It seems there is a necessity to hold academic conferences bearing specialized approaches to brand in order to precisely study the issues relating to specialized branding, and it is functions as a solution to expand branding culture in national and international domain.
Legal issues and intellectual property is a serious issue facing branding in our country. Craftsmen and businessmen are involved with issues such as using brand, trademark, product model and appearance and new ideas of the competitors. Therefore, it is a necessity for experts to exchange ideas and brainstorm in an academic and constructive atmosphere while focusing on practical solutions in order to solve such problems.
The seventh specialized brand conference will be held by Commerce Development Organization and Specialized Brand Commission focusing on statutory issues facing brand makers. In this line, the seventh conference is known as The Seventh International Brand Conference focusing on Intellectual Property and Statutory Issues.