How to use mobile internet

Your cell phone has to be suitable for connection to GPRS network. GPRS settings will be automatically sent via a short message. To transfer these settings to your phone, you have to save the settings in your phone.
After making sure about the settings of your phone and when a G signifying GPRS or an upside down triangle appears next to antenna on your cell phone screen, you can access World Wide Web by choosing WAP/Web browser in the menu of your phone and entering a URL. The browser is shown with an earth icon on most phones.
You will be charged only if you have sent/received data. You won't pay for staying connected to net. You will pay as you go. Generally, data volume is measured in bit. You can calculate the costs at any moment. It is enough to multiply the sent/received bits by the tariff.
This service will soon be implemented in Taliya network.